Waiting for these last PCR test results is pure torture and heart wrenching. When you are waiting and worrying and you get past the two week point and no one has called you with the test results, it makes you feel like your health care providers just don’t understand or give a damn. And given the fact that my loverman has not responded to treatment yet and it’s been over 9 months AND we have been told that his case is “unique” and they are worried that his CML may be resistant to the treatments and we have already discussed the next step – a bone marrow transplant – which is a last resort SHOULD make getting these results ASAP a priority. Don’t you think?

I called Wednesday and I was told that the results were not in the office, but she would find out what was going on and get back to us that day. I knew what to expect because we heard that line before. Just like I suspected, no one got back to us by the end of the day.

Yesterday I sent an email letting our Oncologist’s assistant know that I thought the fact that no one got back to us was unacceptable. Given my husband’s circumstances we deserve a courtesy call at the very least. I explained that our life was kind of on hold pending these results and we need to know what’s going on ASAP. I didn’t get a response to that email either.

This morning I got a call from the Oncologist’s assistant. She said that she doesn’t believe the results are back yet and she left a message with the lab in Toronto to see if they could fax them and then she said someone would get back to us ASAP. So far this has not happened and it’s after 4:30pm on a Friday.

I used to believe that saying… “NO news is GOOD news.”  But NO news doesn’t mean good news at all, since every single PCR test has come back “Diagnostic Levels” and we have had to wait over 2 weeks before. So as much as we would LOVE to think that no news is good news, we can’t.  

The waiting and not knowing really messes with a cancer patient’s mental health and when you are faced with a life threatening illness, mental health is half the battle. Especially when they physically feel like they are losing the battle. When is the Cancer Clinic of Southeastern Ontario going to realize this? As soon as we get over this hurdle, I will go above and beyond to make them aware of their neglect.

We will be travelling over 1500 KM on Monday to take my son to University. Don’t even know if that is a wise thing to do, be we are going to do it.

I chose this photo to post because loverman was looking at it recently and told me that he loved this picture because he LOOKS strong and healthy… It’s true and we all love it too.

I dream of the day that I will be typing the words “HE IS RESPONDING!” and yelling it from the rooftops. Hopefully that is the news we are waiting for. I will update you next week! Until then, take good care of you and your special ones!