Monday, October 14, 2014 – 332 days after chronic myeloid leukemia diagnosis – Pre-Transplant (Part II)

This morning Kevin had his first scheduled PRE-transplant evaluation test, a “Pulmonary Function Test”, to measure the capacity and function of his lungs and his blood’s ability to carry oxygen.  It is important that his lungs are relatively healthy, not prone to infection and strong enough to withstand the transplant.

There was no special preparation required for this test, although I did do a little bit of research about the test before I started writing this blog post and information I found suggests that the patient SHOULD 1) Get a good night’s sleep; 2) Not eat or drink a lot, because bloating can cause you to have trouble breathing deeply; and 3) Wear loose clothing.  – Well it’s a good thing that Kevin didn’t wear his tight pants like he usually does. 😉 Ha! *slaps knee!*

pf test

When we arrived at the clinic, we were greeted by an awesome and pleasant receptionist who played along with Kevin’s sense of humor very well. – I love it when people we encounter tune into the fact that humor is a super important and critical aspect of his cancer “treatment”!

We only waited about 5 min and the pulmonary specialist came out and called Kevin’s name. Well he pointed at me and gave everyone laugh.

I wasn’t able to go into the room while he was being tested but I asked him how it was when he was done and he answered, “It was actually kinda hard. The hardest part was trying to get all of the air OUT of your lungs! I had to squeeze myself to get it all out.”  LOL… Well it’s a good thing I wasn’t permitted in the testing room because I would have definitely laughed out loud watching him squeeze himself! lol

So now we wait for the results. I’m not too worried, he quit smoking when he was diagnosed, almost a year ago (and so did I, two weeks after) and I can certainly notice a positive difference in his breathing, so hopefully everything will be fine!

Thanks for stopping by! Until the next update, take good care of you and your special ones and remember…

Life is like a camera! You need to focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out – take another shot. ~Unknown

life is like a camera