Since loverman has been home from the hospital, he has had some ups and downs. It’s really difficult to get your head around the fact that you will have leukemia for the rest of your life and be okay with that. However, he has remained incredibly positive despite his fears and I am so proud of him for overcoming any negativity that enters his mind. How does he do that? He talks to me and tells me when he’s feeling down. I insist that he does this so I can help him redirect his mind to focus on positive outcomes, the blessings we must recognized and of course the humor in all of the circumstances. Doing this is an important and powerful part of his treatment plan and I reassure him every step of the way that WE will get through this!

He finished his first round of aggressive chemo on Monday and now continues to take Gleevec (Imatinib), the cancer drug that he will have to take for the rest of his life, providing he continues to respond to it.

Today we had a HOT DATE! It was his first outpatient visit to the Cancer Clinic and he was kinda anxious, but optimistic. First we had to complete a preliminary questionnaire for his file. He asked me if I could ask him the questions and write the answers. So I did that. I had to laugh out loud and joke about two of the questions…

1)   “Do you have trouble hearing?”

Women talk more than men


2)  “Do you have trouble seeing?”

See things through my eyes

He’s a MAN! Of course he has a little trouble hearing and seeing! LOL

After the questionnaire process, we met with his nurse for some more “on a scale of 1 to 10 questions” (he absolutely hates those questions…lol) and vitals, then he was sent for blood testing.

Well, we got some awesome news!! His white blood cell count is back to normal! This is incredible!

Test results 001


It’s like he went from one extreme to another in less than 2 weeks. His WBC count was OVER 400 the day he went to the emergency and now it is down to 9! That means the treatment is doing an excellent job so far. However, CBC counts do not tell us if the treatment is actually targeting the leukemia!

Unfortunately he is now anaemic and his red blood cell count is too low. So, he may need a blood transfusion to treat that if it doesn’t resolve itself in 3 weeks. His platelets are still abnormal too.  Nevertheless, his blood has made amazing progress in less than two weeks. We still have a long way to go to get to a “molecular response”. He is still recovering from a super painful and invasive surgery, but it’s an awesome start and everyone is hopeful that he will continue to respond well to the treatment. Only time will tell us that.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind and amazing support and thanks for stopping by! =)