Hello everyone! Today is 1 YEAR POST TRANSPLANT! It’s Kevin’s RE-BIRTHDAY!!! It really is such an amazing milestone!

There is not much to report health-wise. Kevin’s still dealing with Chronic GvHD, but he’s dealing with it all very well considering he is also taking care of his hot flashing post-hysterectomy whiny wife! On a serious note, I couldn’t ask for better care or support. This entire last year, more so than any other year, has proved that we are truly in this crazy thing we call life, TOGETHER. His next BMT Clinic appointment is March 14th, 2016, so I will update y’all again then. We will also find out the results of his last CML BCR/ABL Test – The test that tells us if Kevin is still cancer free.

We ran a blood donor clinic tonight in honour of Kevin’s RE-birthday and I also planned a little surprise celebration at my friend’s little kitchen and eatery, Three Red Aprons. Thank you so much to all of our awesome family and friends who braved the very slippery roads to come out and see Kevin. And to those who could not make it, NO WORRIES! You were missed, but we completely understand! <3

Invite for Kevins RE-BIRTHDAY

Our next Awesome and Beyond group blood donor clinic will be held on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016. Please let me know if you would like to join us!


That’s all I got for now! Thanks for stopping by!