I don’t have much of a cancer update on my loverman this week, but it’s a “no news is good news” kinda thing. He is still coping pretty well with his chemotherapy treatment and I have calmed down a few thousand decibels about the side effects. I still hate watching him suffer through it all, especially not knowing if the treatment is actually working. However, I have learned that me panicking only intensifies the negativity of the situation, makes me look like a drama queen and makes matters worse.  I just need to trust that he will tell me if he feels like something is seriously wrong.

Some days are good, some days are awesome, some days are bad and some days are really sucky bad. That’s the nature of the cancer beast.  I still ask him “are you okay” a gazillion times more than he would like me to, but I can’t help myself and he has accepted that. He still has no sense of urgency when it comes to some of the side effects that he experiences and it still makes me crazy, but I have accepted that.  Sometimes the key to being able to JUST KEEP GOING is simply learning how to accept certain things about a person, situation and circumstances even when we can’t quite fully understand them. Some things are not meant to be understood, they are just meant to be accepted and respected.


In the meantime, we will just keep on keepin’ on, relying on positivity, hope and humor to get us through to the next molecular testing on May 12th. Thanks so much again for all of your support and kindness throughout our journey! It means so much! =)