For those of you who did not already see on Facebook, we have announced that Kevin’s awesome Stem Cell Donor is A GIRL!!! Her name is Elisabeth Rath. A 26-year-old precious earth angel from Germany (Bavaria), near Munich.

Elli grew up in a little village with only 190 people. She has 2 sisters and she is the oldest. Last year she married her handsome husband (also in the photo with her), Marcel. Her family name is Losinger. She works as an office clerk in a company producing machines for textile market and solutions for bottling.

Elli also has a cousin and brother-in-law that donated their stem cells! Her brother-in-law donated to a patient in Italy (but it is forbidden to get in touch with Italian stem cell recipients). Her cousin donated to patient in Great Britain, but the 2 years waiting time is not over yet. Germany has one of the largest stem cell registries  in the world! They also have some of the most awesome people in the world. =)

Elli shared a little bit about her stem cell donation experience and said we could share her words on our blog:

“One day I got a call that my stem cells will be needed for a cancer patient. I was very surprised. I went to the doctor, they took some blood for more checks and tests. One month later I went to the hospital for checking again blood, condition and organs. Everything was ok and we got the “green light” for the donation. 4 days before the donation I had to inject (by myself… I hate needles, luckily my husband did help me) growing hormones that made my body producing more stem cells. As side effect I had growing pains, but I was allowed to take some pain-killing tablets. After the 4 days I went to the hospital. I was in a room with 3 other donors, we all donated on that day. The maximum time that we were allowed to be cable-connected to the machines was 4 or 5 hours (I don´t remember exactly). They told me, that they will need a huge amount of stem cells and that I maybe need to come again the day after. But in the evening they called me that the cells have been more than enough and that I do not need to come again the day after.”

“After the stem cell donation, the hospital told me that my cells will go to a 48-year old Canadian guy. I was very impressed that the cells have such a long way to go. They also asked me, if I have relatives in Canada, maybe because of the name Guenter sounds very German.”

“It is nice to hear that Germany has the largest stem cell registry. In Germany you don’t get money for that. Of course you are released from work during that days but without costs. You always need to keep in mind: If I would have cancer or somebody of my family or friends would need a donation, I would also be so glad if somebody could help me. This is the first step to make the world a bit better. And I am so glad that I could help you and that everything worked well. So good to hear that you are cancer free. That makes me very happy! :-)”

It is absolutely amazing that we are sharing this awesome news with you today. Kevin has come a very long way since his stem cell transplant and we are SO blessed to have the opportunity to get to know Elli and her own family. Thank you for sharing our joy and for your continued support! <3