So it’s been 3 full weeks of cancer ( Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia ). It feels much, much longer than 3 weeks. I even had to double check my calendar. But nope, my mind was not playing tricks on me. It has really only been 3 weeks! Quite frankly, these last 3 weeks have felt like months. Yet, Christmas feels like it’s quickly approaching us at warp speed!  I know that doesn’t really make much sense when I say it, but it really feels like we are fully experiencing this life and another one in a parallel universe. Spooky stuff, I know. 😉

My loverman is not liking his cancer drug ( Gleevec/Imatinib ) side effects this week. They were not SO bad at first. However, this week, he is extremely weak and tired. He has also experienced some episodes of delayed thinking and speaking. One day he stood up and tried to walk and he said his feet wouldn’t move. It’s like his brain messages were not connecting to his feet bones. So he’s had a tough week, but he is still smiling and laughing because I give him no choice. I will do whatever it takes to make each day a happy day, even if it means I have to dance and sing and be silly.

Having cancer definitely changes everything and with this type of leukemia, he must take this drug for life, providing he responds to it. I hope the side effects that he has been experiencing are just temporary and an adjustment phase that he will get over once his body gets better used to the drug. If it’s not, I’m going to feel really bad about making fun of his whining. LOL  Just kidding, no I’m not. It’s ok… he lets me make fun of his whining. Laughter and positivity gets us through each day.

On Friday a social worker came over to talk to us. The first thing she said to me when I let her in the door was, “You were just so pleasant when I spoke to you on the phone. You really have a great attitude considering everything your husband has gone through.” I thanked her and said, “Well, I can have a good attitude, focus on the positive and be happy or I can have a bad attitude, focus on the negative and be miserable.” She smiled and agreed.

She sat down and started asking us questions and then she stopped, looked at us, shook her head and said… “You guys are fine.  I can’t believe your attitude given what you have gone through.”  Her face lit up when she said this. It was so nice to hear. Then, she told us that it’s very rare. She usually deals with really depressed people or really rude and difficult people who are very negative about everything.

THEN, when I walked out with her to get a form she forgot in her car, she told me that I was the BEST WIFE! LOL I was like “No, no…I’m an AWESOME wife!” I thought that was a clever answer, but she wasn’t familiar with my comics or my books, so she didn’t get the whole awesomeness thing.

I don’t consider myself to be the BEST or the PERFECT anything. However, I am very confident in the fact that I do my best to be the most awesome person I can be. I practice what I preach every single day. What it really boils down to is this…

best of it

Yep! You can make the best of it or you can let it get the best of you. Those are your two choices. So we choose to make the BEST of Cancer =) THAT’s how we do it in my house, on my watch! =)

Yes, some days I feel like I’m hanging on to my very last shred of sanity for dear life. However, it’s easier to hang on knowing that I’m blessed with so much awesomeness. You are a part of that awesomeness. I thank each and every one of you for your kindness, love, support, thoughts, prayers, encouragement and inspiration! It all means so much!

I wish you all an awesome and blessed week! Thanks for stopping by! <3