Today I have another HOT date at the cancer clinic with my Loverman! This time, he is going to do what he’s told and give them his GOOD BLOOD!  Most exciting part is loverman decided that he wants to go to a restaurant for lunch while we wait for some of his labs instead of the hospital cafeteria!! Wooo hooo!! We’re movin’ on up! (Oh and he has been whining about wanting Vietnamese food too…. since Monday! It’s like a chemo craving or something!)  Then this eve we will do prescriptions and samples and maybe some ice cream at Costco! lol 

Thanks again for all of your awesome support!  I will post an update this week about some of the minor lab tests, but the major test results will take a couple of week! Hope and pray for awesome news!! In this meantime this is our mantra…

Stay positive, stay strong, stay together and JUST KEEP GOING!!

I would like to thank my friend Paul for drilling the “JUST KEEP GOING” into my mind. I love it and it works like magic when we get a little bit down. <3 Have an awesome day everyone!!

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