Being an administrative and business professional has absolutely helped me take care of ALL the paperwork, forms and dealing with doctors, nurses, insurance, drug companies and government social services since loverman’s cancer diagnosis. All of this stuff alone is exhausting and the last thing a patient wants to do after the shock of being diagnosed with a life threatening illness is all of this administrative stuff. Sometimes all of the questions send my loverman to the brink.

Some people you deal with are amazing, patient, understanding and wonderful!  However, some of the people you deal with have absolutely no compassion for what you are dealing with and some of them make you feel like YOU are completely losing your mind. They can even make you feel like they think you are just a lowlife, deadbeat who has nothing better to do than lie about what you have done or haven’t done. Being an administrative professional myself, I can tell you that I completely understand that some people you deal with can be downright rude and difficult. However, I can assure you that I am not one of these people. The worst you will have to deal with from me is a shot of sarcasm and maybe some hysterical laughter.

For example….

lost forms


Then 2 hours later….


found forms

I can’t imagine the frustration that other primary caregivers go through. I can’t imagine what it is like for patients who don’t have the support of a primary caregiver. Having a life threatening illness changes your life in so many ways. I definitely have a new understanding and admiration for each and every one of you and this whole new world.

So this is my little primary caregiver rant/vent for day 18 of Loveman’s battle with his blood. I’m optimistic that it will all get easier…… eventually. 😉

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