Are you ready to be a real deal HERO? Donate stem cells and blood!¬†You can register online and it’s EASY! (links provided below) If you can’t donate blood or stem cells because you have been told that you are disqualified for whatever reason, you still can help make a difference by sharing our message, making a monetary donation to the organizations or volunteering your time for this important cause.

If you are just assuming that you are disqualified for whatever reason or you are scared to donate, we encourage you to take a look at the FAQ and other awesome information provided on the websites that I will provide links to below. There are a lot of misconceptions about donating blood. I for one was a person who believed I was not a blood donation candidate because of high blood pressure and the meds I take. Well, I was wrong! I am now a proud blood donor. =)

The misconceptions about stem cell donation are even more crazy! Allow me to address a few:

First, let me clarify, bone marrow and stem cell transplant mean the same thing. However, sometimes the stems cells are collected through the bloodstream and sometimes the stem cells are collected through the bone marrow. When you get swabbed, you join the WORLDWIDE registry! You could save a life ANYWHERE in the WORLD!! Stem cell matching relies on HLA typing. It has nothing to do with your blood type. ūüėČ

NO, they don’t take a piece of your bone out or touch your spine! 80% of the time stem cells are extracted and collected from blood taken out of your ARM. This is a non-surgical procedure called¬†Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) donation. The blood is passed through a machine that separates your cells and returns the remaining blood back to your other arm. 20% of the time stem cells are taken from the back of your pelvic bone. This is surgical called Bone Marrow donation done under general¬†anaesthetic and the donor feels no pain.¬†MOST DONORS recover and return to regular daily activities within a few days.


NO, it doesn’t cost money! Any travel and accommodation costs are covered by One Match¬†(Canada) or Be the Match, (USA)¬†IF they need to travel to the nearest stem cell collection centre.

YES, your stem cells will replace themselves. It takes a few weeks, but the stem cells you donate will regenerate. They only take about 1-5% of your stem cells so your immune systems is still strong after donation.

To find out more information about blood and stem cell donation, please visit the sites I have listed below. I have provided links for UK & Australia, but haven’t read all of the information they provide yet:


Canadian Blood Services is the one stop shop for all blood and bone marrow/stem cell donation information in Canada.

One Match is the website for bone marrow and stem cell donation in Canada, but it is directly linked to Canadian Blood Services above.


The two main blood donation websites we found for the USA are American Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers.

Be the Match is the main website for bone marrow and stem cell donation in USA.


The main blood donation website for the UK seems to be Give Blood.

NHS Blood and Transplant seems to be the main website for bone marrow and stem cell donation in UK.


Australian Red Cross Blood Service is the main website for blood donation in Australia.

Australian Bone Marrow Registry is the main website for bone marrow and stem cell donation in Australia.


You can also Google the following:

“Blood donation” + your country… so for me, I googled “Blood donation Canada”

“Bone marrow and stem cell donation” + your country… so I google “Bone marrow and stem cell donation Canada”

“Blood cancer organization websites” + your country… so I google “Blood cancer organization websites Canada”

You get the gist… I hope. If not, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to link to in the right direction.