Had another hot date at the cancer club with my loverman. 

Believe it or not, Kevin’s edema (fluid retention) is not considered too severe yet. So no intervetion will be done at this point. We will just try really hard to limit salt intake and his doctors are going to monitor it and see if it levels out. So no panic just yet, just something new to get used to. Apparently a fluctuation of 10lbs is a reasonable expectation with his treatment, so I can calm down now. It’s just a really harsh treatment.

His shoulder/joint and bone pain and weakness is concerning… but again, the oncologist hopes that these side effects will subside with time. If this pain presists and worsens, they will have to change his treatment. The doctor gave him some strong party pills to help him deal with the pain and the nausea. 

His CBC tests were meh… okay. His WBC raised a bit, but it is still within the normal range. His hemoglobin & RBC counts improved again, but they are still abnormal. That is ok for now. His platelets, on the other hand, are close to critically high again. That is a serious concern because he might be bleeding internally and his doctors will be monitoring that very closely.

So that is the gist of today’s appointment. Kevin will have his first DNA/molecular genetic testing next month, the 3 month mark since his Chronic Myeloid Leukemia diagnosis. The molecular response tests are THE tests that tell us if the chemotherapy treatment is working on the leukemia cells and making room for healthy ones. So I hope that I will we will be dancing in the streets and shouting happiness from the roof tops! 

Just like usual, we ended our hot date picking up new prescriptions at Costco and I didn’t have to make dinner tonight. It’s been a really long day, but it’s all good and as awesome as it can be.

Cancer is the new normal AND the new awesome and I’m ok with that. =) 

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