Saturday, October 25th, 2014 – 343 days after Chronic Myeloid Leukemia diagnosis – Pre-Transplant

Yesterday Loverman had his second pre-transplant evaluation test, an Echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound of the heart, to make sure that his heart is relatively healthy and strong enough to withstand the stem cell transplant.

That same morning he had another doctor’s appointment to treat some horrible growths on the bottom of his foot. We believe that this is another side effect of the chemo treatment he is on. So after the treatments, his foot was so sore and swollen that he could barely walk and could not put on his shoe.  So he was limping around in pain in a sock foot at the hospital. The appointment was at 2:45pm and at around 3:00pm, the Echo Technician came into the waiting room and called his name. She said I could go in with him too! So off we went to the room. When we got into the room and she was getting Kevin prepared for the Echo, the Technician asked him what happened to his foot.  “Well, that’s what happened when I kicked the crap out of the last doctor that made me wait.” He replied, laughing out loud. My jaw dropped and I was thinking What the hell?! Did HE JUST SAY THAT?!  Then the tech laughed out loud. – Whew!

From that point on, Kevin and the Echo Tech had a grand ol’ time talking about cancer (she is a breast cancer survivor), talking about motorcycles (her and her husband ride), exchanging stories and laughing out loud. It was a fun appointment.

This is what the Echocardiogram revealed:


 LOL… Just kidding! 

Okay, this is what it revealed:


A big ol’ normal beautiful healthy pumper that looked super awesome and strong!

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, October 22nd, I called the transplant centre in Ottawa to ask if they had news about the unrelated donor search. Well, they had AWESOME NEWS! They are waiting for TWO specimens from TWO stem cell donors who MATCHED Kevin’s HLA!!! Further testing must be done to ensure that they are a definite match and healthy donors, but this is very promising news and we will know more soon! Hopefully we will find out more next week. Until then, take good care of you and your special ones and thanks for stopping by!