Dear Donor,

First of all we want to state the obvious… YOU are one of the most incredible, kind and awesome human beings on the planet! We were told today that because Kevin is “BIG GUY”, you had to go through the stem cell collection process TWICE to collect enough cells. All to give someone you have never met a second chance at life. Wow! Well, THAT means you FAR SURPASS being one of the most incredible, kind and awesome human beings on the planet. There are no words to describe how truly awesome you are.

Besides being one of the most incredible, kind awesome human beings on the planet, all we know about you is that you live in the USA. We have been told that we will have an opportunity to contact and meet you after one year, providing Kevin’s transplant is successful and you agree. A few months ago Kevin said that he wants to do some traveling in the USA after he’s about a year post-transplant, so maybe that was all part of the bigger plan. It gives me chills when stuff like that happens.

We hope that your stem cell donation does not cause you too much grief or pain. We have a very good understanding of the process because we have worked with One Match and Canadian Blood Services here in Canada to promote stem cell donation and blood donation awareness. Unfortunately giving another human a second chance at life is not always easy or painless. Being a HERO isn’t effortless. It’s a tough job, even in the movies! If you do experience any adverse side effects, we hope they will subside quickly.

So it goes without saying that we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for selflessly agreeing to give a part of yourself in an effort to save Kevin’s life, but “thank you” is not enough. It will never be enough. There are no words that can adequately express our gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness and appreciation. However, we do hope that in a year from now we can connect with, meet and hug our hero.


Kevin, Tanya and our awesome family and friends!

Dear donor