It’s DAY +1! For updated blood counts, please CLICK HERE.

Kevin was feeling relatively well this morning, all things considered. He said that he feels like he has accepted how he feels, so the shock of it all has alleviated somewhat… if that makes any sense. Many things are a matter of perspective. His stomach is still giving him problems on and off and he has some bleeding happening, but it’s not a dangerous amount. His counts are continuing to drop and the nurse said he will most likely need a transfusion of platelets tomorrow or Sunday. His body temperature fluctuates like crazy… the fact that I know that means I am probably “overtaking” his temperature. BUT I’m terrified he won’t tell me if he thinks he has a fever and yes, I overreact, but I have a good reason. Okay, I have more than one good reason… heheh…


Despite all of this crazy havoc that is going on in his body, he still manages to smile and make others laugh! His awesomeness amazes me!

10968323_10155279370110650_5841082054713731395_nToday Kevin received his first dose of Methotrexate chemotherapy. Basically what this chemo does is “keep the donor cells quiet” and helps to prevent severe Graft Verses Host Disease (GVHD). He will receive his next dose on Sunday and then some more next week.


Unfortunately this chemo will most likely cause some pretty nasty mouth and digestive tract sores (mucositis). Kevin is rinsing his mouth with saline frequently. However, he mentioned this evening that his throat is starting to hurt and the doctor noticed that his tongue is swollen. He is no longer allowed to brush his teeth because his platelets are too low. So he has to use these fancy pink sponges on a stick, “oral swabs” and he said “they work like shit”. lol

2015-02-27 21.19.39

We spent a few hours in the hospital this morning. The BMT dietitian checked up on him. He lost almost 2kg since yesterday, so she wanted to give him another pep talk about making sure he realizes the importance of nutrition, hydration and recovery. It’s not a huge issue yet, but over the next few days it will get harder and harder for Kevin to eat and drink a sufficient amount, but he must do his best if he wants to avoid a feeding tube and being admitted as an INpatient.

We also spent a bit of time with the “acting” BMT social worker covering for the regular social worker we originally discussed matters with. She is on maternity leave. Today the social worker informed us that there was a misunderstanding regarding the financial assistance we were expecting for our relocation medical expenses and so that was a bit of a shock. We thought we would be getting up to $2000 a month to help with our expenses and it turns out we can only get up to $2000 for the entire four months. So yeah… there’s that. lol It sucks. A lot. But Kevin’s health and recovery must be our focus.

There is absolutely no obligation, but we do have a YouCaring online fundraising platform set up if you would like to help out a bit:

Even a few dollars can help! It all adds up! I don’t like just asking for donations. I prefer that people get a little something in return or their kindness and generosity. This is why I worked hard to organize online auctions and a Christmas party fundraiser with awesome entertainment. I can’t do anything like that now, so I will resort to using the platform. It’s okay to ask for help in these situations and Kevin and I have been very generous with helping others dealing with financial hardship in the past. What goes around comes around.

We have another early appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning and it could be a long day. I will update again tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and thanks again for the amazing support!