We are nearing the end of “DAY -7”, another high-dose Busulfan chemo day. To see updated blood counts, CLICK HERE. Kevin wasn’t feeling up to eating any breakfast this morning, which was a perfect opportunity to try one of his NEW meal supplements! Yum! Yum! LOL The transplant Dietician talked about their recommended supplements and provided Kevin with a few samples yesterday.


His first choice was the vanilla Resource supplement. He said it wasn’t too bad tasting, but it was pretty chalky. We can mix or blend the Resource and Ensure supplements with other stuff too, which is good. We can also add the Beneprotein power to anything he eats or drinks. The BMT nurse we had today told us that some patients will add the power to home-baked goods, which I think is an awesome tip!

As I mentioned yesterday, there are many do’s and don’ts and precautions that a transplant patient must follow with respect to nutrition. It is a lot of information to type out so I have scanned and uploaded a copy of the Nutrition Guide Following Transplant Guide  that we were provided if you would like to take a look at it. Just click on the linked title above to view the PDF and download it if you like. If you are having trouble, please let me know.

Protein is a super important part of a transplant patient’s diet. It helps build, maintain and repair your body. Protein is considered the building blocks of the body’s cells and it helps to maintain and improve the immune system. This is why it’s imperative that Kevin keeps eating or using the supplements. Otherwise, he will need a feeding tube and then he will whine and whine about the feeding tube. lol This is where the caregiver wears the bossy pants and makes sure the patient follows the rules! =D

So the day was pretty uneventful until Kevin tried to eat a fudgesicle and it stuck to his top lip! He panicked and pulled it off and it started to bleed. =( It stopped bleeding quickly, but there is a high risk of mouth sores and infections in the mouth, so I will be making sure it’s fine when we go to the hospital tomorrow. Other than that, Kevin is still tolerating the chemo very well and the only thing that changed from yesterday is the fact that he has less of an appetite. He is starting to get cabin fever too, but I keep telling him that it will all be over before we know it… just like this friggin winter!!

Here’s another “I’m too sexy for my chemo” pose from today, with a different PLAID shirt! Only he was a little more chilly and covered up today!


That’s all for today! Thanks for stopping by!