It’s DAY -5 and Kevin had a little break/rest from chemo. He got to stay “home” all day too, so that was nice and a little more relaxing. (There are no updated blood counts for today. To see updated blood counts, CLICK HERE.)Side effect wise, today was a fairly good day for Kevin. He is still tolerating everything pretty well. He did have some nausea, but the additional nausea meds took care of it. He is still eating rather well too. Not nearly as much as he used to, but as much as can be expected.

Kevin’s parents arrived this afternoon and his brother will be here on Sunday. They are going to help me out with the next phase of conditioning… the high dose Cyclophosphamide chemo. He will receive 2 doses. Each will be administered by IV over 3 hours in the hosptial and he will be released providing he is not violently ill, is not experiencing other serious side effects and has enough strength to come home.

The reason I need help with this phase of the conditioning is because Kevin MUST drink a glass of fluid AND pee AND measure it EVERY HOUR for about 55 HOURS. (I say “about” because I’ve been given different info. One doctor said 60 hours, but according to a sheet they gave us it should only be for around 55 hours… just depends when the final dose finishes.) So yeah. This is why I need help because even though I can survive on very little sleep, I can’t pull 2 all nighters in a row and I can’t trust that I will wake up to an alarm. The reason Kevin must drink and pee every single hour for 55 hours is because this chemo can destroy the bladder. So if for some reason he cannot pee after 1.5 hours, he MUST go to the hospital.


So the fridge is jam packed with gatorade, water, juice, gingerale, etc… They will also fill him up with IV saline at the hospital.

In other news, Julie (my mom-in-love) and I went shopping for some supplies and groceries today while my dad-in-love looked after Kevin. On the way to the store we saw a 5 car accident that involved an SUV that flipped over! That stuff turns my stomach. Then we were stuck in heavy traffic because of the accident and rush hour. So I started to panic a little bit because I was worried about leaving Kevin for too long, but knew he would call if there was a problem. So I checked my purse to make sure my phone wasn’t buried in the deep darkness of the black hole and realized I forgot my phone at the apartment. Julie forgot her’s too. lol Then we get to the store and I realized that I forgot my LIST at the apartment too. I was in fine shape! You see, I like to make lists and then forget the list at home and play GUESS what’s on the LIST! Good thing Julie is used to my scatterbrain insanity and we just kinda laughed it all off and did what we needed to do. She was a great help and great company. I hate doing that stuff alone.

Play guess whats on thelists

Well I guess I better hit the sack! The fun starts again tomorrow morning. We need to be at the hospital for 7:30 am. Kevin loves to ask them if they have anything earlier when they tell him to come in at that time. Nope! They don’t! Kevin’s just a VIP like that… needs to be first in line. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!