It’s DAY -4, the first day of high dose Cyclophosphamide chemo. It’s a drink and peeathon over here! For updated blood counts please CLICK HERE – I decided to add them because I have people in our CML/Transplant support groups asking for the numbers and it’s a good way to keep track. =) Kevin lost about 4 lbs since day -6.

2015-02-21 09.42.39

So Kevin is doing well with his drinking and peeing. For those of you who missed the lowdown on this chemo, here’s some info for you:


2015-02-21 09.31.27

This chemo did a number on Kevin. He feels like someone kicked his ass. We have been feeding him Gatorade like crazy and other high sodium drinks and foods. This is supposed to help this process along. I was getting worried because he gained 12 lbs since 7:30am, but he is now slowly losing the fluid weight. He takes a water pill soon, so that will also help. He is also drinking a variety of other things too, however, after finishing another bottle of Gatorade, Kevin looked at me and said, “I am NEVER drinking this shit again.” So yeah, that’s how he’s enjoying this.

Because Kevin MUST pee and drink EVERY hour until 24 hours AFTER this last dose of this chemo finishes tomorrow morning, we called in some help. Kevin’s parents are here and his brother is coming tomorrow to help. I have to take Kevin back to the hospital first thing in the morning, so I am going to force myself to sleep for a few hours while Kevin’s parents take over. =D

Kevin is still managing all of the side effects with medication. Thankfully they have a medicine for everything!

Thanks for stopping by! =D