It’s DAY -1, the day before the magic happens! It’s TRANSPLANT EVE! For updated blood count numbers, CLICK HERE.

I managed to get a good night’s sleep and thought I was well rested this morning, until I poured COFFEE into Kevin’s instant oatmeal instead of boiling water. And I mean poured! lol

cancer caregiving

Kevin had a second, higher dose of ATG today. If you aren’t sure what I mean by “ATG”, I explained it in yesterday’s blog post. =) The ATG treatment was infused over 10 hours, so we spent almost 12 hours in the hospital. He told one of the doctors that he was “so bored” and the doctor told him, “bored is the new fun”. Then Kevin said, “and bored is also better than being dead.” lol Leave it to capitan obvious!

Kevin is still tolerating everything extremely well… No severe side effect = awesome! He did eat like a starved crazed animal again tonight, but that is because of all the steriords he has been given. He is definitley getting weaker. Even breathing seems to take some effort at times. However, this is to be expected and it will get worse before it gets better. Now that the “conditioning” phase is over, Kevin’s counts will continue to drop until they reach zero and his existing immune system is deleted. This normally takes about 7 days. At this point he will be at high risk for infection and ANY infection can be extremely dangerous for a transplant patient. Tomorrow the donor stem cells will be infused through his Hickman Line. The actual transplant procedure only takes about 1 hour. It will take about 2-4 weeks for the donor cells to find their way into Kevin’s bones, graft and start producing cells. I will explain more about how it all happens tomorrow and as we go along post-transplant.

Today we were told that Kevin’s donor is in the USA and everything is on schedule as planned! Kevin will receive his stem cells tomorrow morning at approximately 9:00 am. Whew! I have set up a Facebook event so people can post and celebrate Kevin’s amazing REbirthday with us! Please join and help us break the internet for real! =)

Before I sign off, I just want to share with you a little something my awesome son, Josh posted on Facebook today:

“Happy Stem Cell Transplant Eve to two incredible human beings, Tanya and Kevin. They may not describe their experience in Ottawa away from the comforts of their home as “happy” but tomorrow comes an extremely rare 2nd chance in life. So if your hopes are down, just keep in mind all of the people who cant wait to cherish that 2nd chance with you both.

Love you, keep on keepin on.”

I still tear up reading this!! Thanks for stopping by!