Today is DAY +97!! Only 3 more days until Kevin reaches his DAY +100 post BMT milestone!! So exciting and awesome!

With the exception of a few blood sugar lows (which are a little terrifying, I must say…), the last two weeks have been great. Kevin’s GvHD is still staying in time-out like good little cells and he tolerated the reduced dose of Prednisone nicely. He is still retaining fluid and he is still experiencing some pretty intense muscle weakness and fatigue, but nothing too concerning.

We did get the results back from Kevin’s bone density test and his bones are “normal for his age”! That means that all of the high dose chemo, Prednisone and other medications have not deteriorated his bones…THANKFULLY!! Of course, this test will need to be repeated down the road, but so far, so good!

On Monday Kevin received a letter from his DONOR!

2015-06-03 23.08.19-1

As you can see, it is a really VAGUE letter, for privacy rules and regulations… but it melts my heart every time I read it! I can’t wait to meet this very special person when we are given the okay, providing s/he is comfortable with that. We will learn more about it all soon. We do plan to respond to the donor. I just need to contact One Match to find out exactly what we need to do.

Yesterday Kevin had a follow-up at the BMT Clinic and the doctor agreed that he is doing very well. She even dropped a couple of his meds, Dilantin and Doxepin, and reduced his Prednisone dose to 50mg/day from 60mg/day. We asked if she thought it would be okay to graduate to three weeks between visits and she agreed that we could try it. So as long as Kevin doesn’t experience any symptoms of infection and the donor cells behave themselves, we don’t need to go back to Ottawa until the 23rd! Yay!  At this rate, life will be back to semi-normal in no time!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo