Hi everyone! It’s been a REALLY long time since I updated the blog. I didn’t even update at 2 years post transplant. Sorry, about that. Life has been extremely busy for me since I opened the store and I haven’t even had much time to sleep, let alone blog. We did celebrate Kevin’s 2nd RE-Birthday and it was an awesome day/night.

Quick update on Kevin’s health – He is still dealing with GvHD, but is still stable. Not much has changed. He is still taking immune suppressants and steroids and he is on another taper. He’s down to 9mg Prednisone. But this taper will be extremely slow. Much slower than the last two. Hopefully that will be the trick to getting him completely off the meds. He has been declared “permanently disabled” and that is actually a huge relief for us because we don’t have his insurance company breathing down his neck several times a year about him returning to work. They finally realize that he can’t go back to work, mainly because of his suppressed immune system and the fact that his health can quickly take a turn for the worse if he catches any type of illness.

Today is a very special day! Last week, we finally learned who Kevin’s amazing and awesome Stem Cell Donor is!!!! OMG it was so exciting and emotional!  We have even been in contact with this person via email and Facebook and have learned a few things….

Originally, we thought that the stem cell donor was from the USA. Cleveland, OH, to be exact. We thought this because we were told that the Cells were delayed in Cleveland, OH. That is why we talked about finally meeting Kevin’s donor after a year. But no one would tell us why there was a delay and why we were not connecting with his donor. I assumed that it might be because he was struggling with GvHD. NOPE! I was wrong. The reason is because Kevin’s Stem Cell Donor is not from the USA at all. His Donor is actually from Germany! In Germany, donors/patients cannot meet until 2 years post transplant.

Another thing we were told at the time of transplant, was that Kevin’s donor had to go through the donation process twice to give Kevin enough cells. We have learned that this is not true. They thought that the donor might have to go through the process twice, but it turned out that they did get enough cells on the first round of the donation process.  =)

Now that we have cleared up those two assumptions we had, we would like to introduce you to Kevin’s stem cell donor!!!…. DRUM ROLLLLLLLL……….


It is one of these two awesome people…. HA! You didn’t think we would let you know exactly who it is that EASILY, did you? We want you to guess! Who do you think is Kevin’s stem cell donor? Please join us in our Facebook event where we will make the official announcement this evening around 6pm, after we tell our Family!!!


Hope to see you in the event!!