It’s DAY +76!! For updated blood counts please CLICK HERE!

Yesterday we celebrated DAY +75 with a great follow-up at the BMT Clinic! We even managed to get Kevin’s blood work test results DURING the appointment. Kevin notified the Lab after he waited 20 minutes and it worked like a charm… They got him in immediately after he did that! Woo hoo!!

The GvHD of the skin appears to be tolerating the lower dose of Prednisone, so the doctor lowered the dose another 25mg. Kevin is now down to taking 75mg of Prednisone a day… Down from 200mg!! His blood results indicate that his liver is still pretty irritated, so he is not “out of the woods”, so-to-speak.

Kevin is still dealing with toxicity complications from the high-dose Prednisone. His muscles are very weak, especially in his legs, and he is TIRED. More tired than he has ever been in his life. He is also still dealing with the diabetes complications. However, every week that we can safely say that things haven’t gotten worse is a small victory and we are grateful for each and every victory, big or small!

Kevin’s platelets are still low and he has some pretty nasty bruising on his tummy from all the insulin pokes, but after 4 weeks of the platelet count trending down, it has finally started to rise. – Another small victory!

So, it’s another week of “wait and watch” to see how the donor cells tolerate the lower dose of Prednisone. Hopefully they decide to stay in “time out” and don’t see it as an invitation to become more aggressive. Essentially that is the main concern.

GvHD Behave Comic

Thanks again for all your support and awesomeness. We really do appreciate it more than we could ever express with words.