It’s DAY -3! For updated blood counts, CLICK HERE. Today has been brought to you by the letters “D”, “P” and “E” = Drink, Pee and Exaustion.

As I write this update, we are at the bottom of the 38th hour of the cyclophosphamide chemo drinking and peeing marathon. Only like 13 hours or so to go! But, in 8 hours we will be back in the hospital and the nurses can take over. =D I have NEVER wanted a Monday to get here so quickly!

I did manage to get some sleep today, but not a healthy amount. It’s just not possible when you are crazy worried. Today’s chemo was tough and Kevin was a little bit incoherent. He said he could feel the chemo in his brain and he was light headed to the point that I was afraid he might pass out a number of times, which is a pretty common side effect of this chemo in high doses. But it’s a little scary when you think a 6 ft 4in 270lb guy might pass out at any moment. Nausea was also an issue today, but we have learned that the key to NOT vomiting is staying on top of the “feeling” with the anti-nausea meds. I always make sure to ask Kevin how he is feeling and remind him that he should take the meds if he feels even the slightest bit of nausea…. even when I know is answer is going to be “LIKE SHIT!”. LOL

Kevin understands that his typical man ways of dealing with stuff he is feeling (denial and being Mr. Tough Guy and not saying anything about it) are over. He must at all times let someone know if he feels anything out of the ordinary and he can never expect that anything will just go away. A lot of dangerous things can happen to a transplant patient, but a lot of times the patient puts their own health at risk by not saying anything. There are meds and treatments for almost everything, but when the patient waits too long, sometimes they reach the point of no return.

I didn’t take any pictures today. It’s wasn’t a good picture day. But I will share this awesome picture of Kevin and Lexie. It’s one of our favorites and we miss her very much.


Lexie is coping very well being away from us.  She understands that it’s for the best right now. Her father and Josh and Courtney are keeping her happy and I talk, Facetime and/or message her every day.

Tomorrow is Day -2 and Tuesday is Day -1. Kevin will receive a combination of ATG (Anti-Thymocyte Globulin) treatment, steroids, iimmunosuppressant, antihistamine, antiviral and antifungal treatments over a 10-12 hours period. I will explain more about this regimen over the next two days. They will be long days in the hospital. Then Wednesday is DAY 0 – TRANSPLANT DAY! Providing everything goes according to plan he should recieve his donor’s stem cells at 9:00 am. I will be setting up a Facebook event so people can post anything they like to celebrate the day. =D

Thanks so much to all who have left encouraging comments on the blog and facebook. We do read them every day! Thanks for stopping by! =D