It’s DAY +228 post BMT and Kevin has had a setback so I thought I would give you a quick update. After 6 days of being totally weaned off of Prednisone, GvHD reared its ugly head with vengeance… on Kevin’s birthday, of all days. UGH! His entire torso started breaking out in splotchy blotches and spots (I know, medical terminology at it’s finest…lol) So we called the BMT Clinic to advise them what was going on and they put Kevin back on 75mg of Prednisone and back into acute care. We return to Ottawa tomorrow to discuss what all this means. I was happy that they did not make us go back to Ottawa immediately. So we were able to have a small family celebration for his birthday and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast.

Kevin is a little bit disappointed and discouraged. He is struggling with many things physically and mentally… but he is handling everything well, all things considered. As always, I am doing my very best to keep him on focused on the positive as much as possible because no matter what, your mind IS more than half the battle!


We will find out more tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure that all of this means that his GvHD is no longer considered “acute” and has progressed to “chronic”. So his donor cells are still not happy with their new home and they are still attacking his organs. I won’t get into that all of that on this post. I really want to consult with the BMT Team and ask some more questions.

The Prednisone is working. The lingering low-grade fever that was really concerning us subsided almost immediately. The rash has calmed down significantly and his face is much better too. Most of his bone and joint pain has alleviated as well. Tomorrow we will find out what his blood count numbers tell us. Kevin will also have another BCR/ABL test done tomorrow to check for Leukemia relapse. The ONE good thing about GvHD complications is the chance of relapse is significantly less. However cGvHD can be an awful challenging complication to live with.

I will update again this week. Until then, take good care of yourself and your special ones!! Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support!