It’s DAY +16 and because it was a rest day or a “day off”, as the doctor put it, there are no updated blood counts today. In fact, if all goes well tomorrow at the hospital, Kevin should graduate from the BMT outpatient to the BMT Clinic and his blood counts will only be done about 3 times a week… I think. I honestly don’t know how it’s all going to go down and anything that happens in any given day between now and Day +100 can be a game changer. MY plan/goal is to do my best to make sure Kevin does SO well over the next few weeks that they let him go home early! Given how well he has done so far, that might be achieveable. Of course, we would still need to come back to Ottawa a couple or even a few times a month for his regular appointments and if any complication arise, but we will do whatever we need to do.

Today Kevin felt okay. He did have a headache that went away with some pain meds and he was REALLY tired, but nothing too concerning. No fever, no new stomach/mouth issues or pain, no chest or lung pain, no jaundice, no eye issues, no cough and no skin rashes. These are all things that we are watching for closely. So that is good.

Kevin’s parents and brother came for another visit and we enjoyed most of the afternoon with them. For those who don’t know Kevin’s family, they are pretty awesome. The kindest down to earth people you will ever meet. So, today was filled with a lot of love and laughter, which is a super important part of Kevin’s recovery. It’s one of the most important treatments. 😉





Hope you are all having an awesome weekend! Thanks for stopping by!