Today is DAY +15 and I’m also going to tell you about DAY +14 because my brain was too exhausted to post after we got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. For updated blood counts, please CLICK HERE.

Yesterday was a good day. Kevin tolerated the oral antibiotics, his fever never returned, his kidneys settled down, his blood count numbers went up and he was released from INpatient back to OUTpatient.

This morning he was still fever free and his blood count numbers improved again! His Tacro levels were a little bit high, but they were adjusted accordingly and the doctor gave him the day off tomorrow.  That means that if he doesn’t get a fever or any out of the ordinary pain, he doesn’t need to go to the hospital until Sunday! So all is well and the doctors are pleased with his progress. We were also told that there is a good chance that Kevin will graduate to the BMT Clinic next week, which means that he will only need to go to the hospital a few times a week instead of every day. If he regresses in any way or gets bad Graft Vs Host Disease, he will go back to OUT or IN-patient BMT.

Kevin still has VERY little energy. He luckily did not get any mouth sores, but his mouth is super sensitive and still a little bit swollen. He is still having some stomach discomfort and he has been feeling anxious. He describes the anxious feeling like his body is “electric”. The doctors aren’t sure what to make of that yet, but if it persists, we will let the doctors know. It could just be his body getting used to the new immune system.

Now that Kevin is starting to produce his own cells, we carefully watch for signs of acute Graft Vs Host Disease (GVHD), infection and any organ issues. Some GVHD is good… If there is any leukemia left in his body, the hope is that a little bit of GVHD will find it, attack it and get rid of it (yes, there is a chance of relapse). But too much GVHD is not good and can be very dangerous, very quickly. Chronic GVHD is not good either. So let’s hope everything does what it needs to do over the next couple of months with very little complications! That’s all we can hope for! Kevin still has a long hard road ahead of him, but I have a very good feeling he will be awesome! =) not going to be easy

I will talk more about GVHD in my upcoming blogs. For now, I’m going to do some Friday night partying BMT style and kick Kevin’s ass in a wild and crazy game of Crib! We wish you all an awesome weekend and thank you again for your awesome support!!