Today is DAY +13! For updated blood counts, please CLICK HERE. Kevin is still in the hospital, but the doctor is going to consider releasing him tomorrow if he doesn’t get another fever and his counts move up a bit and his kidneys aren’t more angry.

Kevin did need a blood transfusion today because his hemoglobin dropped below 80. Red blood cell transfusions take a lot longer than platelets! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing blood donors that help keep people alive and the staff at Canadian Blood Services, Red Cross and ALL of the blood collection centres around the world that make it all happen! If you are not a blood donor, please consider becoming one! Never assume that you are not eligible to donate blood. Finding out if you qualify is really easy and the donation part isn’t as scary as you think!

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Kevin’s White Blood Cell (WBC) and Neutrophil counts also went down a bit from yesterday. He was a little discouraged about the drop, but the transplant team reassured him that it’s perfectly normal for this to happen and the numbers may fluctuate some before they stabilize. For those who are wondering, Neutrophils are a type of WBC that are responsible for fighting infection, that is why they specifically watch that type of WBC. <— Mini science lesson of the day!

Kevin’s Creatinine levels were elevated again this morning, so his kidneys are still upset. Now they are pumping the fluids into him 24hrs and making him pee like a pregnant lady. Kevin was joking with the nurse, telling her that now he’s probably going to pee the bed. lol The nurse laughed and said that she had a diaper or a catheter that could fix that problem. lol

Otherwise, Kevin is doing very well. So well, in fact, that the doctors decided he can probably go back to OUTpatient sooner than later. He has been fever free since yesterday, so the doctor stopped the IV PipTazo antibiotic and started him on two new oral antibiotics. So we will see what tomorrow brings! In the meantime…

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