I don’t always make fun of my husband who has cancer, but when I do… It’s hilarious.

Are you gasping? Wondering if you read that right? Well you did.

Yes, my Loverman has cancer, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. It’s not an easy cancer either. It’s an aggressive son of a bitch that does NOT want to play nice or do what it’s told, which is why he needs a bone marrow transplant ASAP.  And yes… I DO make fun of him… all. the. time.  And I won’t stop. Not ever! Humor is a critical part of his treatment plan and it’s one of my coping mechanisms that prevents me from programming “nearest cliff” into my GPS when I feel like I’m going to lose my ever loving mind. Does cancer piss us off? You bet it does! But what good is being angry and negative about it going to do any of us? With the exception of a vent session here and there – Because it’s good to get it OUT… it does NO GOOD.

Here is a real deal conversation that took place at his Cancer Clinic appointment today…

Nurse: “Where is your pain?

Loverman: “Oh, it’s in my back and my knees, in my joints…”

Me: “And in my ass.”

Oh yes I did….

The nurse laughed and laughed!

Pain in my ass

Don’t get me wrong, I GET the seriousness of cancer and sometimes I panic and worry more than I should. But, cancer is much too serious to take it seriously all the time. You need to give yourself and others around you a mental break from all the seriousness associated with it. That’s how you make it easy for others to support you. That’s how you surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you because you give them permission to laugh and not take it SO seriously too. It’s a super important thing to do. Sometimes it’s not easy to do, but humor and laughter can replace a lot of the negative emotions brought on by cancer or any seemingly insurmountable adversity that you are faced with in this life, for that matter. If you can find the strength to laugh instead of cry and find the humor in it all, it frees you from so much negativity. That’s how you WIN the fight, even if you lose.

Just some food for thought.

As for an update on my loverman, we had a Cancer Clinic visit today and his blood is stable still, which is good news. He is dealing with a lot of fatigue and cold sweats today and I’m a little bit worried, but I’m sure it will pass. He is worried and anxious about this whole Unrelated Donor search process because we haven’t heard anything yet since we learned that they are requesting specimens from 2 donors. However, he is doing incredible despite it all and that is all we can ask for. Hopefully I will have some awesome news to shout out from the rooftops soon and we can get this transplant business underway! Until then, we hang in there and keep going!

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