Sometimes you have to tell your brain to EFF OFF and I have had to do that repeatedly since yesterday. Loverman got a call. His Oncologist wants to see us in the Cancer Clinic on Wednesday morning. Why? He wouldn’t say over the phone… So now we are left with our overthinking brains.


If my brain is overthinking this much… you can just imagine how much his brain is overthinking!

Kevin recently had molecular testing done on the 7th of May. The last time he had molecular testing, the doctor called him and told him over the phone that there was no change, which meant that he was not yet responding to the chemo treatment. However, it was only the 3 month mark since his treatment began, so it wasn’t what we wanted to hear, but it was okay… sort of. Because of the severity of the leukemia at diagnosis, there was a chance that it would take longer than 3 months to see any kind of a molecular response. We accepted that. Now we are at the 6 month mark, a week after testing and we get this call.

Of course, I’m thinking positive and trying to convince Kevin to do the same, but it’s hard. Every now and then, I get a rush of OMG thinking that overcomes me and my tummy turns and my brain runs wild with worry and negative thinking about bad news. Then I need to take control of that thinking and tell my scatterbrain to EFF right off and make my brain think that it’s going to be good news!

So now I’m going to get these thoughts out of my head – from good to bad, because that’s what I do and it helps…

Maybe it’s good news. It has to be good news. If it wasn’t good news, the doctor wouldn’t make him wait until Wednesday morning, he would have called him in right away.

Maybe the results are SO EXCELLENT that the doctor just wants to see us in person to reassure us and explain how crazy awesome they are! YEAH!!

Maybe the results are inconclusive and they need to take more blood.

Maybe the results aren’t even in yet and the doctor wants to simply talk to Kevin about the nasty side effects of his current treatment.

Maybe the doctor needs to do another reassessment for his disability claim.

Maybe the test results are back and he is still not showing a response and they need to change his treatment.

Maybe they need to do a blood transfusion because he is still anemic despite the fact that he is taking a crazy amount of iron supplements every day.

Maybe it isn’t good news and the doctor just in not available to see him until Wednesday morning.

Maybe… maybe… maybe…

See… this is how cancer can bring you to your knees. 

I guess we just need to wait and see and in the meantime TRY really hard to not even think about it until Wednesday morning because it will be here before we know it. Right? Right… So I’m going to go try to do that now. We are spending time at the lake with family and friends. That should help… 

Okay… I feel better now that I’ve got this off my chest. I think. LOL… Okay! Yes, I do!

Positive thoughts… positive thoughts…

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!! <3